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Jason Huf, Principal, JHI


Practice Areas


FOCUS  JHI maintains a limited list of practice areas.  The reason is simple: we do not seek to do everything and anything that comes along - rather, JHI is committed to being the best at everything we do.  Please peruse JHI's practice areas listed below.  If we cover a subject matter relevant to your concerns, JHI will endeavor to provide tailor-made legal solutions designed to fit your needs and goals.  However, if your company is concerned with obtaining professional advice on a matter not included in the below list of focuses, JHI prefers to refer such work to an appropriate firm within our global network of highly qualified friends and colleagues.

Corporate Clients



Middle East - Commercial, Corporate & Banking


 Mr. Huf's first job following graduation from law school was in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world - the markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the Middle East - and JHI is committed to helping your company do business there.  JHI has extensive experience in helping medium-sized companies tackle the challenges, and reap the rewards, of doing business in the Middle East, principally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from our Jeddah office, and in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


 Contact JHI today for experienced and ethical professional advice on issues related to contracts, franchising, distributors, opening a branch office, business registration and licensing, joint ventures, Shari'ah-compliant financing solutions, conventional banking, real estate, mergers & acquisitions, employment ("labor") law, construction & sustainable development, compliance with the local regulatory environment in the relevant Middle Eastern jurisdiction(s) and more. Let JHI help you explore the boundaries of your business!


**[Please see below for further information.]


Oil & Gas


 Having worked and lived in the Middle East for years, Mr. Huf could not help but learn about the Oil & Gas industry and ancillary or otherwise related businesses.  JHI stands ready to assist companies engaged in this very exciting field.


Litigation/ Dispute Resolution


 JHI's Jeddah, Saudi Arabia office has extensive experience in dispute resolution and is fully staffed with attorneys who handle arbitration cases on a regular basis.  We also have seasoned colleagues resident in Abu Dhabi & Dubai who handle contentious matters for international clients in the UAE.  While JHI's New York HQ office does not market itself as a litigation firm, Mr. Huf has helped with the crafting of case strategy in certain international commercial disputes, and may at times be willing to manage outside litigators on behalf of our clients (in much the same way an in-house counsel would manage outside litigators).


Beyond the GCC region our current policy is to refer litigation to other professionals.  JHI has a broad, global network of colleagues that we know and trust - we don't send our clients to just anyone.


Public Entities


 Mr. Huf has proudly served at every level of government and knows the challenges faced by local governmental bodies.  With shrinking tax bases and reduced state funding, budget cuts are the order of the day for many municipalities, fire departments and other important local government services.  If your community needs cost-effective professional services - without sacrificing quality - then JHI would love to hear from you.  (Please note: JHI does not engage in "Pay-to-Play" -- don't even ask.)


Public Education Alternatives


 Mr. Huf has taught as an adjunct at a public university and is, himself, a product of public schools.  Accordingly, JHI is passionate about education.  Contractual matters, labor and employment issues, relationships with different levels of government and citizen groups, contentious proceedings and legal issues concerning budgets are among the challenges Charter School committees face on an almost daily basis.  JHI follows education reform and Charter School development, particularly in Mr. Huf's home state of New Jersey, with keen interest.








Mineral Rights/ Shale Gas


 Mr. Huf follows the rapidly growing development of laws and regulations related to the exploitation of Shale Gas on privately-owned land very closely, with particular interest in Pennsylvania.  If you are about to be a part of the best chance for an economic boom the Northeast/ Mid-Atlantic region has seen in many years, contact JHI today to inquire about your interests and options.



Sports & Entertainment Law


 Whether you are an author, actor, painter or a center fielder, you will be confronted with a slew of contractual issues during the course of your career.  Chances are, your drama school didn't offer courses on Contracts Law.  That's OK - as an author himself, Mr. Huf is committed to making sure that the interests of artists and athletes are protected.  You craft your next masterpiece or hit your next home run - JHI will make sure you get paid for it.



Wills, Trusts & Estates


 Eventually, we are all destined to depart for a better, tax-free world. This can cause significant corporate problems for privately-owned businesses, raise issues related to insurance and may compel your estate to sell off assets intended to be part of your family's legacy from generation to generation. You spent your lifetime earning it, now let JHI protect it: we will provide you with tailor-made advice on devices designed to shield your heirs and prevent your privately-owned business and other assets from being broken apart or sold-off.



Election Law


 Keeping elections clean and making sure your candidates receive a "fair shake" can be a tedious, detail-oriented and inglorious task. Your campaign committee should be properly constituted and your fundraising needs to be above board. Mr. Huf has experience in Congressional fundraising and campaigning at every level of our political system.  He also has bureaucratic experience with New Jersey's Title 19.  Your job is to win your campaign.  JHI's job is to make sure that your win (and, our vote) isn't stolen from you.


 International Business Law Practice in NYC


** Please note:  As a matter of policy, JHI does not provide advice on the United States Federal Tax implications of any overseas investment.  If such advice is deemed necessary or is otherwise desired, JHI encourages you to consult a qualified CPA at a reputable accounting firm.