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  • Ramadan Mubarak

    To all of our friends around the world who observe the Holy Month of Ramadan, we at JHI hope that you and your families enjoy a meaningful period of fasting, reflection and prayer. Those living and working in the Middle East, in particular, are experiencing historic - sometimes exciting, sometimes challenging - events that may well rapidly change the face of their entire region of the world. Looking ahead into the unknown can feel somewhat daunting. May your loved ones take the opportunity of this holiday to grow closer to each other, your neighbors, the less fortunate and the whole of humanity.

    Jeddah at Night, Saudi Arabia

    We wish you good health & great prosperity in the year ahead.  Ramadan Mubarak!
  • Open Letter, re: Jason Huf's Decision on US Senate Candidacy (2018)

    Starting last year, I gave serious consideration to entering the 2018 US Senate race in New Jersey. Our state needs transportation reformation beyond merely fixing flaws in already existing roads; a commitment to rebuilding our military - including finalizing the expansion of the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Joint Base (in concert with the reformation of our state's transportation infrastructure); and, well-informed, thoughtful representation on Foreign Policy & Trade (ala former Senator Bradley).

    The Middle East, in particular, continues to warrant our attention with an increasingly complex series of issues that affect our interests there.

    As someone who has worked and lived in the Middle East for years, and having seen it from a commercial and legal perspective, I believe that I would bring some extraordinary and rather useful qualities to the table.
    I am confident that my knowledge of international commercial banking and energy matters, and of the cultures of the Gulf Arab states, would be a tremendous asset for the people of the Garden State and the United States at this point in our history.

    However, within certain circles of the democrat party, there has been a concerted and largely successful effort to make support for Israel (or, the withholding of such support for our ally) a purely partisan issue, with a uniformly anti-Israel posture under which the entire democrat party must conform. Traditionally, no matter one's position on the subject, the United States' relationship with the State of Israel has been - and, must remain - a vital issue of Foreign Policy and National Security for all Americans of conscience, irrespective of party affiliation. Positions in debates over issues touching, concerning and/ or impacted by this alliance have, and should continue to, cut across party lines.

    That is why I have decided against running and, as a life-long registered republican, am supporting the reelection of Senator Robert Menendez.

    Senator Menendez has been a sincere and consistent supporter of Israel and, I believe, paid a heavy price for refusing to be silent about his principled opposition to the Obama Administration's Iranian Nuclear Deal as the senior democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. His continued presence in the Senate as a senior member of the democrat's caucus makes it less likely that some will complete their task of enforcing a uniform Anti-Israel posture throughout the democrat party. Thus, transforming being Pro-Israel or Anti-Israel into merely another knee-jerk partisan issue rather than one requiring serious thought will be more difficult to accomplish for radical, determined, well-funded, anti-western leftists currently driving the direction the democrat party.

    Although I disagree with Senator Menendez on nearly every domestic policy issue, I feel so strongly about the necessity of bipartisan support for Israel that I intend to cast my vote for him rather than run against him.

    With Iran in the ascendancy in the Middle East region, sweeping reform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & rapprochement between the Sunni Arab states and Israel, Bob Menendez is the more necessary than ever Bradley-esque Senator I alluded to earlier. We need more democrats like him in Washington, not less, and his presence in the "Upper House" is fundamentally more important to our state and our country than adding another number to the GOP's vote total stored in the back-benches.

    Some people run for office just to make a point on a specific issue. I hope to make an important policy statement by not running. I may well run for federal office at some future point. In the meantime, I feel I may better serve the public by continuing my multinational, reform-minded legal practice. 

    Jason Huf, New Jersey, US Senate, Middle East, Foreign Policy, Law, Legal, Attorney, Lawyer, International

     - Jason Huf
    Tuesday, March 13, 2018
    New York, NY